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Brownfields are fallow or underutilized properties not used to their maximum potential because of actual or perceived toxic issues. Federal and state governments have recognized that allowing such properties to remain fallow creates burdens on society's infrastructure by requiring development of "greenfields" (properties where prior development has not occurred). Many brownfield properties are ideal for development because they are close to urban areas and because putting these properties into productive use will help reduce other demands on a communitys infrastructure (highway traffic, etc.).

We are proud to be leaders in the counseling, advising and implementation of numerous brownfield projects. Our firm's efforts have helped to successfully redevelop numerous brownfield properties of all types from large industrial and milling operations to small gas station properties. We have actively worked to implement brownfield initiatives such as respective purchaser agreements, expedited corrective action programs and risk-based corrective action requirements. We have also participated in various grant programs designed to assist in the funding of redevelopment of brownfield projects. Our constant monitoring of regulatory development puts us in a unique position to analyze and implement successful brownfield programs. Trying to develop a potentially contaminated property? Developing brownfields can definitely be a challenge. Don't get frustrated — get the expert legal help you need.