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Complex Insurance Litigation

Sometimes, the survival of a company depends on its ability to call upon the resources of its insurers to protect it from a serious loss or accident. Examples include major fires, pollution incidents, serious construction claims or product liability actions. We look at insurers like bodyguards: you pay them to do nothing most of the time, but when you need them to protect you, they need to move quickly and effectively to protect you. Yet, often they do not.

When it comes to complex insurance coverage litigation, our record is remarkable. We have been involved in disputes involving hundreds of millions of dollars worth of public and private insurance coverage for more than two decades. Hans Herb's unique experience in representing major insurers in complex insurance disputes can definitely give us a leg up when it comes to representing policyholders facing substantial liabilities.

Oftentimes we have been called in when other firms, including major national and international firms, have failed to achieve insurance coverage. If obtaining insurance coverage is critical to our client's success, we are ready to meet the challenge.